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The Ocean: dark-heaving, boundless, endless, and sublime. The image of Eternity...Our quest to find, photograph and identify colorful creatures took us to exotic and beautiful places, oceans and seas. And will surely keep on doing so for many years to come.
Rest assured that no animals or dive guides were harmed in the making of this website.
We would like to express our unending gratitude to those who have helped us, and without whose assistance we would never have been able to build the collection of strange and colorful creatures that you can see on our site.


To the many local dive guides, dive center- and boat crews, who helped us haul the tens of kilos of equipment we carry with us in and out of cars and boats. Who went with us to show us their best spots, who helped us find some of the well-camouflaged creatures we would surely have missed without their help and most importantly who always brought us back safely to the surface.


To Alex Tyrrell MSDT/Photo Pro. He taught me the ropes, is always there for us with patience and advice. We can only dream to one day be able to shoot the works of art that are his underwater pictures. Do have a look at them here:


Two places have earned a special mention in our Macro-Photography story and in both places we know special people who cannot be ignored in this section.

Anilao - Philippines: Mike Bartick (Saltwater Photo) & his crew in his fantastic Crystal Blue Dive Resort (read also on our Travel Blog)

Lembeh Strait- Indonesia:  Zee & Simon Buxton and their crew in their fantastic NAD Lembeh Dive Resort (read also on our Travel Blog)

And last but not least to Neville Coleman. Many of the species on our sites were either identified with the help of one of Neville Coleman’s ID books or through personal correspondence with him. We modestly walked in his footsteps diving some of the dive sites he dived. Unfortunately he passed away. Neville, we’ll always remember you as a great underwater explorer and naturalist who dedicated his life to the World of Water.
Neville Coleman died on the 4th of May 2012 in his sleep.

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